Conservation Efforts


Mark’s love of nature and wildlife led him to first express his passion through hunting, fishing and his artwork. Over the years, Mark has combined his God given talent with his love of wildlife and their natural habitat to raise millions of dollars for a variety of wildlife conservation groups. The Federal Duck Stamp program alone raises in upwards of $25 million per year to preserve wildlife habitat.
In addition to wildlife conservation, Mark attends many non-profit events each year to help raise money for many local charities and fundraising events that benefit such groups as The Great Plains Zoo, Feeding South Dakota and Realtors for Kids.
Mark will continue his legacy to support wildlife habitat as well as many other non-profit organizations for as long as he is able to paint.

“I will never retire. How can I retire from doing what I love?” - Mark S. Anderson, Artist

Visit some of the Wildlife Organization websites below by clicking on the links:

For more information on how you can utilize Mark’s talent to help raise money for your organization, please contact Mark Anderson Wildlife Art, Inc.