Over the years, Mark has been approached with some unique opportunities to help organizations raise funds for their cause. There are two options that have been most effective.

Option 1: Raffle
Commission Mark to paint an original painting or purchase an existing original work of art. You can either get ideas from him of what you would like him to paint, or you can provide him with photographs of a landscape and/or landmark related to your cause. Then, sell raffle tickets for chances to win the painting. You can either offer less raffle tickets at a higher price (for higher chances to win), or you can sell more tickets at a lower price to make the tickets more affordable. Either way, you can determine how many tickets need to be sold to reach the monetary goal you choose.

Option 2: Reproduction Rights
As a second option or in addition to option 1, you can commission Mark to paint an original work of art and acquire the reproduction rights of your original painting. You can then have fine art prints of your original painting produced in any quantity you choose. Reproduction rights allow you to then sell the sign and numbered limited edition prints to raise additional funds for your cause.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss these options, or if you have a unique idea of your own you would like to discuss, please contact Mark Anderson Wildlife Art.